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Oil, Watercolor, Mixed Media

Hao is from Benxi China. He graduated from the Dalian Polytechnic University in 2017 with a degree in Fine Art. Now he resides in St. Pete studying English and American culture. He usually works with watercolor, oil, and integrated materials. In China he won many achievements for design oil painting works and was rated as one of the school's most outstanding students. Since moving to the US his works have won many awards and are displayed in several places including some in St. Pete! His creative scope revolves around his life. He hopes his art can raise curiosity and awareness in others. Starting in 2019 he began to focus more on global issues like global warming, wildlife protection and marine debris. Aside from art Hao professionally studied Taekwando for more than 6 years in China and Korea under some famous instructors. He placed second in the national Taekwondo Championship in the 58kg category. After several years hiatus he even won awards in Florida Tournaments.

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